MXM Checker

Correct paths inside Maxwell material files, and allows to exchange the previews of MXMs, too.

Beta, no guarantees for anything.
Windows version was compiled on Mac, so there shouldn't be any virus in it at least.

See below for a little documentation, it's hopefully enough to use it ;-)

Current version: Version 0.9.0 beta from March 24th.

This is a no fuss application. No further installation. No DLL crap.
No license agreement. No activation. No guarantees.

Just like in the old days.

All rights reserved. Do not redistribute. Do not sue me. Have fun.

Special thanks to Stefan Laub, Vienna,, for triggering, testing and supporting this development!



Screenshot (OS X) and documentation:



Exchanging previews is easy. Just open the MXM file and drop a JPG, BMP or PNG into the preview.

This allows high quality preview icons for your material. You don't have to scale the icons to 200 x 200 pixels, MXMChecker does it for you!


Reset paths for texture, ior and r2 files for all the MXMs of a folder and all it's subfolders

If you open a folder, MXM Checker runs over all the MXMs it identifies in the folder and all it's subfolders and tries to correct all the paths. It shows the progress, and copies a - currently rather crude - log to the clipboard. You may stop the conversion if it takes very long.
Please work always on MXM copies, not originals. Though Stefan and I have used it for a while now, there's a fair chance that stuff might break and MXM files will get corrupted.


Setting default locations for MXM path checking

First, MXM Checker tries to find the textures in the MXM location, then in all subfolders of that location.

If it has not been successful, then it checks a couple of default locations you can set, you might use this option for ior or r2 files. The folders you set in the default search paths are saved into the preferences of MXM Checker. You can delete them from the list with Del or Backspace. Cmd+A / Ctrl+A is supported in the list as well as multiselection.

I would strongly suggest that you disable this option when distributing your MXMs! You should always include everything you've used, an ior file might change which would then change your materials appearance!