MXC - Maxwell Render Calculator

Take educated guesses for render progress with NextLimit's Maxwell Render.

Beta, no guarantees for anything. Windows and Linux were
compiled on Mac, so there shouldn't be any virus in it at least.

Not much documentation yet, but hopefully easy to use anyway ;-)

Please note that Speed input data are scene specific in Maxwell,
so you must benchmark each scene separately!

First setup your scene for a short test render at low resolution.
Now put these date in Scene speed input. Provide either
the benchmark value or the size, SL and render time of your test.

Now just select in the calculate box what is interesting to you to know,
and fill in the missing values. The result is displayed in real time.

Current version: Version 0.9.8 beta from May 24th - adapted to Maxwell 1.5

This is a no fuss application. No further installation. No DLL crap.
No license agreement. No activation. No guarantees.

Just like in the old days.

All rights reserved. Do not redistribute. Do not sue me. Have fun.


Screenshot (OS X):